All charges are excluding VAT.

All charges are payable on the day except where an existing credit account is held with City Airport Ltd. City Airport Ltd reserves the right to amend prices at its discretion unless covered by the terms of a written contract.

Landing Charges

Landing Charges

Landing Charge categories based upon manufacturers published or CAA registered MTOW.

  • Upto 1300kg - £22.92
  • 1301-2200kg - £37.50
  • 2201-3200kg - £60.00
  • 3201-5800kg - £100
  • 5801kg+ - £175.00
Extended Operating Hours

Extended Operating Hours

Extension opening charges based on time of movement. Please contact us for a specific quotation.

  • From 0000 to 0559hrs (local) - £665
  • From 0600 to 0659hrs (local) - £215
  • From 0700 to 0759hrs (local) - £125
  • From Airport published close to 1959hrs (local) - £95
  • From 2000 to 2059hrs (local) - £115
  • From 2100 to 2159hrs (local) - £215
  • From 2200 to 2259hrs (local) - £340
  • From 2300 to 2359hrs (local) - £485

Where extension facilities are requested and not used (and not cancelled) the above charges will apply.



No charge is levied on the day of arrival. Each overnight parking (including the first night) is charged as follows.

  • Outside £25.00
  • Hangared £45.00 (subject to availability)


For the current Jet A1 fuel price, please contact us.

Handling Services

Handling Services

By arrangement, we can supply handling services such as catering, passenger escort, arrangement of transport and accommodation and other services as requested. Charges on request.